Our Goal


Our goal is to raise $20 million dollars to expand Broadlawns’ current inpatient mental health services and to build a new outpatient mental health clinic.

  1. $6,000,000 to help remodel and potentially expand their Inpatient Mental Health Services unit
    • Provide for a more potentially patient and family friendly environment
    • Provide for additional meeting and activity areas
  2. $14,000,000 for a new outpatient mental health clinic providing
    • Larger clinic building to significantly reduce the 120 day waiting time for the approximately 800 persons in Polk County waiting to receive mental health care
    • New outpatient mental health clinic building also allowing patients more discreet and easier access to mental health services

Each of these projects would lead to significantly reduced waiting times to receive mental health services in our community, as well as expand the amount and quality of the mental health services that Broadlawns is able to provide to central Iowans.

Overall Capital Campaign
The “Mental Health Starts With Me” Campaign is Phase 1 of a larger overall capital campaign for the Broadlawns Medical Center Foundation. This campaign is necessary to improve the quality and amount of health care Broadlawns is able to provide to Central Iowa and its surrounding communities. For more details on the overall Capital Campaign please click here.

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