Our Cause

“Simply put, treatment works, if you can get it. But in America today, it is clear that many people livng with mental illness are not provided with the essential treatment they need.”

—Michael J.Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness 

Central Iowa has a severe mental healthcare shortage that is adversely affecting our community. The facts to support this are endless, and the individuals it is affecting are numerous.  

The Broadlawns Advocate Circle intends to address this problem by raising awareness and funding for Broadlawns Medical Center to expand their mental healthcare services. Broadlawns Medical Center is the largest outpatient mental healthcare provider in Central Iowa, serving patients from 66 counties from the State of Iowa. Through the Mental Health Starts With Me initiative, Broadlawns Medical Center intends to expand access to mental healthcare services and reduce waiting periods for those that are in need of mental healthcare.


We need your help. Broadlawns is renovating its inpatient mental health unit and plans to expand the number of inpatient mental health beds.  A new medical clinic building that will house the outpatient mental health clinic is being constructed. The Advocate Circle has set a fundraising goal to raise$10 million to assist with making these capital improvements that will significantly expand access to mental healthcare.

Please take the time to read through this website, specifically to learn more about current mental health facts and the challenges of mental healthcare patients. Please also consider making a donation to the campaign. We believe mental health truly does “Start With Me”, and it is the responsibility of our entire community to step up to help those with mental health issues.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
~Broadlawns Advocate Circle