ME Series – Mental Health Awareness Event

Mariel Hemingway to Keynote Mental Health Awareness Event on May 15

Thank you very much for your support of the Broadlawns Medical Center Foundation Advocate Circle. Under Mr. Jenner’s leadership, along with Johnny Danos and Connie Wimer, the Advocate Circle is working to support Broadlawns Medical Center and the Broadlawns Medical Center Foundation.

  • The ME-Series was one of several events that the Advocate Circle has hosted on      behalf of the Broadlawns Medical Center Foundation.
  • The goal of the ME-Series was to raise both community awareness and support      around the issue of mental health care. Our goal was to either break even or make a small profit and was not intended to be a fundraising event.  Cakes and Cocktails is the fundraising event for the Advocate Circle.

Following are some key facts about the event:


  • We had 26 key mental health care providers; some of them included:
    • Broadlawns had four booths:
      • Integrated Health Home
      • Intensive Outpatient
      • Addiction Treatment Services
      • Child/Adolescent Mental Health Services
    • Des Moines Pastoral Counseling
    • Orchard Place
    • Primary Health Care, Inc.

Pechua Kucha Speakers

Sammie Nobles – Reduce Stigma
Teresa Bomhoff – Increase Access
Gladys Alvarez – Children/Families
Chris Frantsvog & Heather Harris – Suicide & Schools
Patrick Weeg – Trauma Informed Care
Judy Bradshaw – Crime/Violence
William McCarthy – Criminal Justice System
John McInnerney – Homelessness
Robert Steben – Veterans & PTSD
Loretta Sieman – Personal Story – standing ovation when she completed her speech

We have placed a link on our webpage of most of the Pechua Speakers Presentations.

Mariel Hemingway

Mariel Hemingway gave a very personal and passionate speech about the importance of improving mental health care and how to reduce the current negative stigma associated with mental health issues.

Thank you again for all of your support!

Broadlawns Foundation Advocate Circle

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