About Us

In 2011, community leaders Johnny Danos and Connie Wimer initiated the concept of an “Advocate Circle” to help address Broadlawns Medical Center’s needs for advocacy and fundraising. The group is directly affiliated with the Broadlawns Medical Center Foundation.

An innovative effort, the Advocate Circle brings together a group of 16 emerging leaders {mentees} with a group of 9 longstanding community philanthropists experienced in both advocacy and fundraising {mentors}. Through training, interaction, and guidance from the mentors, the mentees have been positioned to advocate and fundraise on behalf of the Broadlawns Medical Center Foundation using a comprehensive Advocacy and Fundraising Plan developed by the group.


The Advocate Circle is currently focused on their “Mental Health Starts With Me” campaign, an effort to raise awareness of the current mental healthcare needs in Central Iowa. The Broadlawns Advocate Circle plans to address these needs by raising money to expand and modernize the mental healthcare facilities of Broadlawns Medical Center.

The Advocate Circle has been able to develop a broader reach with several national and local mental healthcare organizations including NAMI, Orchard Place, Eyerly Ball and United Way.


This group of successful community leaders came together on behalf of Broadlawns to raise awareness about our mental healthcare services, as well as to raise capital to assist with the ongoing renovation and modernization of the facilities.

The Advocate Circle
members include:

Johnny Danos
Lynn Graves
Kim Hegedus
Charlotte Beyer Hubbell
Don Laster
Bernie Mouw, MD
Mary O’Keefe
J. Douglas Reichardt
Connie Wimer

Desmund Adams
Jonathan Brendemuehl
David Chapman
Matt Connolly
Beth Coonan
Hans Erickson
Rebecca Hughes
Kristin Hurd
Cristina Kuhn
Nicole Peckumn
Michael C. Richards
Megan Ruble
Travis Rychnovsky
Ashley Shafer
Nathan Stelter
Li Zhao Mandelbaum